No offence intended.

No, really. No offence. But, you all know what I’m referring to.

Those pants (literal or figurative) that we pull on (either figuratively or literally!) which spur us on to GET IT DONE.

Back in October, I remember talking to a good friend of mine about a hard and irritating task that I had to do. It was the right thing to do, and would result in exciting things BUT it required awkward conversations that I did not want to have. I said half to myself, half for effect ‘WELL, I'll just have to put on my Big Girl Pants and get on with it, won’t I!’ Queue my friend half splitting over with laughter ‘I’ve never heard that one before!’ she said. I was surprised, as I thought everyone knew that one! But, it stuck with me. This is a light hearted but also kinda serious saying I use on a regular basis to (for lack of a better phrase) buck myself up and just get on with it! It helps to add some humour to proceedings and also lighten the mood BUT it’s message is clear….. pop on the tools that help you be strong & GO DO IT!!!

So, what are the tools (Big Girl Pant’s (BGP’s)) that help us get it done?

They will vary, but I know a few that all can be strengthened by…

1) Worship, prayer, and turning our attention to Jesus. This focusses our mind and heart on the one from whom all our strength comes… and he is always faithful to give us the strength we need. For those of you who know Jesus - this HAS to be your first step. Your first port of call for the strength you need. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about… you can - if you ask God to help you, he always will.

2) The ‘I Got THIS’ outfit. You know the one!! Be it a pair of shoes that make a clip clop noise and make you feel like a grown up…. OOOORRRR a lovely pair of matching underwear (yes, I went there!!) OR even a particular hairstyle or outfit… or the classic Bridget Jones Big Pants situation… sometimes its ‘just’ our uniform or the daily armour we donn to go about our lives… but there are no ‘just’s when it comes to our BGP’s - it’s simply whatever YOU NEED to access to go get winning!

3) That song. You know the one. Wether it’s been on you Spotify rotation for three weeks straight, or just popped into your downloads today. Wether its a song you’ve sung since you were a child, or one that brings back memories. We all have THAT SONG, that album, that artist who gets us excited for life. Let it become your anthem, let it become your song. Let it spur you on… Pop it in your BGP kit.

4) That Prayer. That mantra. That saying. Those words. Did your parents say something to you that made you feel safe and loved and strong? Do you have a prayer you offer up sometimes? Do you have a mantra that you recite, one that you draw strength from when things get tough? If the kids are screaming, the students won’t work, the laundry is non stop and then your car breaks down… what is it that you mutter under your breath that stops you from letting out the homocidal monster that we all stuff deep down? (Cause that takes brave too!!) For me, it’s a prayer - one that takes nothing from me to say, but yields control and sets my heart at ease. A simple prayer that invites my God into my crazy, and asks for help… Sometimes it’s a simple ‘Jesus give me the strength I need to do this’… or a ‘Let’s go Lord’ accompanied by a deep breath that gives us our GO.

So, there are some ideas. But friends, lets do this this January…. Let’s locate our BRAVE, pop on our BGP’s, use our tools and GO GET IT DONE.

See you and your Big Girl Pants soon

Anna x