February - L.o.v.e.

Well… Duuh.

Of course. It’s February! It’s LOVE month…

Ok, ok, I know. I kinda hate it too.

Being of the chronically single variety of female unafraid of fulfilling the stereotype, I shudder at the thought of another Valentines Day spent bemoaning my relationship status and the lack of heart shaped chocolates waiting on my doorstep… SO, after our GO BE BRAVE January (which, by the way, you all ACED!!!) I thought it time for a slightly more out of the box (but not really) February.

While we WILL be celebrating LOVE this month (because really, what else could you do!?), I refuse point blank to make myself or any other singles out there feel abandoned. The truth is, that in all of the hype about love during Feb, when I think Love, I think of a word that means more than romance. More than partners, lovers, soul mates.

I think of God.

I think of his incredible love for his creation.

I think of the God from whom all love comes.

I think of the God who is, at his very core, love itself.

I think of a Bible that tells us that we are able to love because he loved us first. I think of single mothers giving up everything for their children. I think of nuns and monks with lives given over to love God. I think of sisters and brothers. Of best friends. Of the love we have for our planet. Of the love we have for each other. I think of all of these parts of love before I think of romantic love. The truth is that romance is as necessary an expression of love as any other… but there are others, and they all stem from THE ONE who Loved us FIRST.

So, guess what… this Feb we are gonna dive, together, into what Love is. Who this God of Love is, and what we, as amazing humans experience of love every day.

There will of course be some V-Day fun, but for the most part… I hope that Hope&Grace will be a little haven for us to have a little reminder of how much we know of love, how much love shapes us and forms us. And a reminder of that God that started the whole love story in the first place…

So, Come over to Facebook and let’s have a lovely L.O.V.E. month! HA!

See you over there!

Anna x