Ok, so what do we mean by ‘Find Your Brave’?

It’s a phrase I’ve been using for a while now. It’s one that helps me to think about a certain category of things… The ones I’m scared of or afraid to do or am intimidated by. The ones that feel alot like ‘being a grown up’.

I’m gonna get vulnerable and tell you that I struggle to be a grown up (whatever that means!), and I know a lot of fellow twenty-something friends who struggle too. We’re not to sure what it means, or how to do it, so a lot of times we are faced with thing that we need a little extra something to help us go and do.

That’s where the brave comes in.

Brave is something that we all have to be. Most days.

For some of us, ‘Brave’ looks like getting out of bed. For others its making that phone call that been put off for weeks. For others it’s walking back into that classroom after a class of teenagers got wildly out of control. Maybe it’s a meeting you’re dreading, or stepping across the playground to meet a new parent at pick up time. Perhaps there is a grievance you need to address or a carpet to be ripped up. Maybe there is an operation coming up, or a diagnosis that you want to ignore. Or all you want to do is hide on the sofa, but there is another load of laundry and washing up to be done.

Wherever you feel lacking, wherever you feel intimidated by the task at hand. Wherever you shrink back instead of taking a step forward, that’s where you could use some more brave.

Now, the Brave Philosophy (copyright pending) hinges on this one thing… that we do, in fact, have access to all the Brave that we need in order to tackle these tasks.

That within each of us there lies enough. Enough for this, enough for now…

That you can find the way to tap into it. Wether through prayer, a song to spur you on, or ONE MORE DEEP BREATH.

…And that, in fact, beyond us, there lies more than enough for every task we will ever face.

That we can tap into this too.

That it is ok to feel a lack of Brave. That it is, in fact, human. However, if we dig deep, identify the source and put it to use, we can WIN the tasks of the day, week, year… and even find some Brave to spare!

That together we can spur each other on to run this race well…

That we can encourage each other to tap into the ultimate source of our strength and joy… God, and that His promise to never leave us empty will stand through all eternity.

That there will always be more than enough Brave for you.



My brave comes from my Jesus, who replenishes my tired soul when I turn to him. My brave is activated most days, to help me with the most basic of tasks. I rely on His strength, and that is ok. That’s how I find my Brave…

How do you find yours?

I’d love to hear <3

Anna x