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This week I planted a lawn... (Stick with me)


This week I planted a lawn and God showed me something about process. Something about how nature works... something about how He works. Something I knew and have lived (am living) but also something I’d forgotten, and needed my own illustration of.

The last time I had a garden shaped bee in my bonnet I was living in a gorgeous old house which had a garden totally overrun with brambles. Gardening, like walking or crying or deep worship, seems to be one of my processing signals... but it’s a pretty hefty one. I met the brambles when I had a broken heart and needed to PULL SOMETHING UP out of the ground, and my heart. This week, in a vulnerable moment of frustration, processing and ‘huh?!’ questions screamed up to the heavens by my little open heart, I met the lawn.

The ‘one day’ lawn.

The dead, died, gone lawn.

The lawn that couldn’t be brought back to life but would, instead, need to be planted again from scratch.

Call it a lawn if you like, I call it a gloriously gritty and oh too real metaphor for my little open and oh so vulnerable heart.

In the process of this lawn building God reminded me of some things. He’s reminded me of the process dreams and promises and futures and purposes go on. The process nature takes to grow things. The process God designed to echo his ways.

Coming into May, and not knowing what shape Hope&Grace would take this month, I felt nudged to take us together on a journey of remembering the process that we all will go on, observe, celebrate and rail against throughout our lives. Hopefully it’ll give you hope and help you to feel less alone with whatever you are facing.

I’m gonna mix it up each week so there is something for everyone... Bible for those who believe it, quotes for those who like them, and plenty of real honest chats.

I figured there are four stages to this lawn but not really lawn building process:

1) Hope 2) Prepare 3) Plant 4) Wait

...don’t they sound such fun! Ha. No, it’s hard and real... but I figure each of us are somewhere in those stages for many different things in our lives. Be it health, babies, jobs, homes, marriages, dating, self confidence, purpose, faith, adventure, ALL OF IT...

We’re all human and subject to the same laws of nature. We all want to speed them up but true, solid and long lasting growth doesn’t come from short cuts. It comes from journeying through each stage of the process. Only then can we grow something that will truly be good for us... and those around us.

There will be some overlap with what you’ve seen already this year at Hope&Grace... perhaps because this is what I’m learning about at the moment & all I bring to you guys is an overflow of what God’s doing for me. He’s where it all comes from, and I’ve never wanted to lie to you guys... I always try to tell the truth.

So. What do you think? Ready to explore this together?

Drop a note below if you’re on board. 🌱


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Let’s go May, let’s go.

Anna xxx

P.S. Hi to each of you lovely new people. I’m Anna and it’s awesome to have you with us. I have a feeling we’ll be getting to know each other a little better this month... I hope you stick around, it’s gonna be fun 🙂🌱