May Week 1 - HOPE

May posts #2



Here’s the deal. People talk about what it means to be human. They come up with loads of rational, legal and scientific definitions of what it is to be human, to be a person. 

One theory I have at the moment is that one of the most glorious traits that we humans possess is the ability to dream, to imagine, to hope. 

Hope is to bring expectation and possibility together and direct them towards something we can’t see yet. 

Hope for a family. Hope for a new car. Hope for a solution to global warming, hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope for a broken heart, hope for a new life. Hope that the next cake will turn out better than the last. 

Hope gives us a reason to get up in the morning. To try our hand at something new. To try again. It is the overriding driving force behind the ‘why’ of most of our decisions. Without hope we loose joy. We loose our big picture life long aims. They are defined by our hope.

How does this relate to growing a lawn, I hear you ask. 

Well, I’ll tell ya. 

Before you begin work on your new garden, you gotta have an idea of what you’re aiming for... 

Do you want pebbles for a rockery for plant to ramble over?
Do you want a pond, for fish and lilies and reeds? 

Do you want a swing set for the kids to play on safely?
Me? I want my feet to find fresh grass when I took a walk around the garden. Grass between my toes is one of life’s joys… and I want to create that here. 


Before we embark on any process, we have to have an idea in mind of what we want to get out of it. Working on the garden? I want grass. For summer days. Working on a car? I want a gorgeous vintage to enjoy. Working on a job? I want a career that excites me. Working on yourself? I want confidence. Recovering from illness? I want to be better, stronger… 

WE ALL WANT SOMETHING. It’s the start of the process…. It’s the hope. The hope that we will actually see what we want come into being. 

So, my question to you is simple - what are you hoping for? What are you going after? What do you want to see happen? What do you want? What do you dream of? What do you yearn for? Ask God, what is he wanting to do in your life? What does he want to bring into being in your heart? What dream does he want to give you? What does he want you believing for?

Then allow yourself to take hold of it… the hope you feel. Own it. It’s the belief that you will see that dream come to life. 

So, armed with that, and trusting God… let’s go.