May Week 3 - Plant

May posts #6



What is it like to plant a seed? If it’s grass seed you might scatter it from a box. If it’s a daffodil you might plant a few bulbs together. If its a lovely rose bush you’re after, you’ll find the perfect spot with the perfect amount of shade and light so that its buds can bloom to perfection. We sow seeds with varied involvement, but always intentionally… the same must be true with our dreams and hopes. 

If they were scattered onto bad ground which gave them little hope of success, that gardener would not be hired again. If they were put in the darkest coldest part of the garden and not given a fair change to thrive, that gardener would be unsuccessful. A good gardener knows where to plant each seed, each bulb so that it will flourish and bloom exactly how and when it should. A good gardener will use the process of imagining, preparing and planting to achieve their vision… they know that each stage works with the former and the next to achieve the end goal… a realised dream… a hope come to life. 

So, as the work is done in our hearts to prepare us for the seed of our hope, we can be sure that we are building up to this moment - the moment the seed can be safely planted in a foundation formed for its success. 

Planting the seed is different from holding hope. Hope is, by definition, believing for what we can not yet see. Planting a seed is different. It marks the beginning of the next stage of the journey… a seed is a physical thing. It is quantifiable and visible. It marks the end of preparation, and the beginning of growth. It is hopeful and exciting

We watch the gardener carefully plant this very real seed into the furtive ground that has been carefully prepared and out hearts can safely swell in anticipation of what is to come. 

Now it is real! Now we can see it! There is an actual real seed... we are infinitely closer to seeing them blossom before our eyes. We KNOW that the seed of our hope is actually there... it is planted. It is safe. It can actually happen.

But. Here’s the hard part, here’s the catch... in this journey of hope to reality we’re not beyond trusting, we’re not beyond waiting. Once a seed is tenderly planted by the gardener into its carefully constructed home soil, can you see it?

To plant is to trust. We trust in the knowledge that the seed of our hope has been set up for up for success in its cozy enriched soil home. We trust that the seed has all it needs to grow as it should. We water it in with one last prayer, adding the last ingredient it needs to thrive.... 

Now, stand back and watch what happens.