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Your one stop shop for all things Hope&Grace Cards


Creating cards is one of the things I love most in life.

Through Hope&Grace there are a few options for your card needs…
Firstly (and most excitingly!) Hope&Grace specialise in Hand Painted bespoke created Watercolour Cards.
Secondly, we will have a number of printed cards available before too long….

So, if you’re looking for a totally individual one off, bespoke and never seen before card OR your looking for something uniquely designed for a special event, invitations, gift cards, business cards, orrrr anything else that might involve a card (!) look no further.


When it comes to making one off (or sometimes repeated) runs of individually hand painted cards, Hope&Grace is your one stop shop.

Using 100% recycled card materials, artist grade watercolour paper and paints, original designs created just for you, each card is painted and put together individually, by hand.

This means each comes with its own little quirks (just like all of us!) and the whole experience is totally unique to you.

…Imagine presenting your guests with a hand crafted card with their name on it with a theme to suit your special day… wow!


Just like the watercolour process, the card process begins with your message or email.

Firstly, contact me! I’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for in terms of your piece. The questions will be something like:

1) Which words/quote would you like painted?
2) Any design ideas you have or themes that you want us to work to.
3) Colour… which colours do you LOVE or hate!?

After initially discussing your cards, I will have a think and a draw. Prayerfully I’ll spend time on the concept for your cards and I’ll come up with a selection of draw and painted ideas for you to look through and pick from. We’ll look at the ideas, tweak and discuss them. Together we will get the design to a place you are happy with, and then we’ll confirm your design.

The whole process can be done via email, with extra chats on the phone/facetime/in person, depending on the size and complexity of your cards.

From first contact to first design is about two weeks. Once your order is confirmed, you can expect your bespoke watercolour cards to be with you within one to three months depending on the number of cards you need. If you need your cards quicker than this, don’t hesitate to drop me an email and we can talk about timeframes.

It’s a pretty simple, utterly personal and totally tailored process to create you a unique set of handmade cards.



BULK ORDERS, A6 (standard)

The total cost involved in card runs will vary depending on your order but the base cost for each handmade card in a private order of ten or more cards is as follows

£2.50 per handmade card**

A design fee is added to your order too, and the length and complexity of creating your bespoke cards are taken into account too.

Card runs can be from 10 - 300+ cards, depending on what you need!

**discounts may apply for larger orders.


£5-£10 per card***

***depending on the complexity of the design process involved.

Creating handmade watercolour cards is one of the great joys in my life… being able to tailor a design for your event, business or group which reflects who you are, and ensures the highest quality possible is truly incredible.

Each card is designed with the greatest care, prayerfully inspired and tailored for you. Painting your cards will be a joy….

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - I can’t wait to begin deigning your cards!

Anna x