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Is there anything more lovely than a safe space to be yourself? Somewhere to record your thoughts, ideas and inspiration? A journal can often provide that space for us, and here at Hope&Grace, our handmade journals do just that…

Each journal from Hope&Grace is unique, handmade and created from vintage books and papers - each carries a history and is a wonderfully welcoming blank slate for you to create you own story.

So, if you’re looking for a totally unique hand crafted journal… look no further!


Hope&Grace journals come in two styles.

1) Our first journals that are created from repurposed vintage books.

Books that have reached the end of their lives, which have either lost pages, spines or have fallen apart are saved and repurposed into your new journal. We make sure to keep the original feel of the book, and include some character through pages and themes of the book. Those pages are then blended into a fresh, hand bound set of pages. Each one is as unique as the book they are made from… each is tactile, welcoming and totally gorgeous!!

2) Our second journals are totally bespoke, ordered and created individually. If you’re looking for a tailor made journal for yourself, a friend or loved one, These are crafted individually along a theme of your choosing. I take pointers and chat about the likes and dislikes of the journals new owner…. these journals are a safe haven of personalised inspiration and space to dream….


Currently all journals are available to order directly from Hope&Grace via this website, but we are hoping to begin stocking them in various places soon!!

If you would like to chat about a book journal order, or a bespoke journal commission then please send me an email!


Journals vary between £25 and £45 depending on size and style.


With journals, sometimes comes journaling… if you are a junk journal junkie, faith journaler or art journaler, then our Etsy shop ‘The Junk Shop’ stocks junk journals and other packs…. Why not pop over and have a look :) Journaling is also a workshop topic, which you can find out more about on the workshop page.

We also love to make other styles of books… notebooks, wedding guest books, memory books and all sorts! Nothing is beyond possibility….

If you would like to chat about a journal, stocking them or ordering another kind of handmade book, please pop a message onto the contact form - it would be great to hear from you!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - I can’t wait to begin creating your journals!

Anna x