Ordering your bespoke watercolour piece


Want a watercolour piece but not sure where to start?!

Here you’ll find ordering made simple!

It’s a four stage process (style, size, colour and words).

Simply make your choice at each stage, put them in the contact form below & we can get talking about your piece!

1) Overall Style

Choose the overall style that you would like for your bespoke watercolour. This choice does NOT decide your colours… that comes later!


Text based.

This style is all about your chosen words and letting them shine. Using Hope&Grace signature painted text, your piece will be interesting and striking.

Suitable for:

  • long quotes

  • limited colour pallets

  • short, impactful quotes

  • A5, A4, A3.


watercolour background.

Your words + vibrant colour = loveliness. This style uses a relief style of watercolour lettering to allow us to make both your words and your favourite colours shine.

Suitable for:

  • short-medium length quotes

  • lots of colours

  • bright, bold colour choices

  • A5, A4.


fully illustrated.

Fewer words, more painting, leaving space for the emotion and meaning of your words to shine through. Created using many layers of watercolour painting, these watercolours are about the illustration - a simple and effective way of bringing character and life to your chosen words. Using motifs such as a nights sky, landscapes and silhouetted characters, we can bring your chosen words to life

This style will increase the price of your painting to the higher prices quoted. .

Suitable for:

  • short quotes (3-5 words)

  • lots of emotion


2) Size

We have three standard sizes for watercolour. Others are available, but for ease of ordering these three sizes may help.



This size is a lovely as a small gift or framed present for a friend. A5’s work well framed on tables or desks. These even fit nicely in the post! It also works well as part of a collection, or children’s decoration too! Prices for A5’s start at £40.

Suitable for:

  • short - medium quotes

  • limited colour pallets

  • text based style

  • watercolour background style



This size is a favourite - a lot can be done with an A4 piece of paper! It’s small and cute but big enough to be a good size gift. This size works well as part of a collection, or as a nice size gift in a frame. Prices for A4’s start at £60.

Suitable for:

  • long quotes

  • limited colour pallets

  • short, impactful quotes

  • text based and watercolour background styles



Want to make an impact? If you’re looking for a statement piece or a gift to make your friends go ‘wow’ then this is the size for you. Big enough to make a statement on the wall in a room, but still subtle and able to work well with other paintings too. Prices for A3’s start at £80 (£120 for fully illustrated).

Suitable for:

  • long quotes

  • short-medium quotes

  • text based styles

  • fully illustrated style

3) Colours

Which colours would you like to be included in your piece? Perhaps you have some favourite colours, perhaps there are some colours that you associate with the words you’ve chosen to be painted. Perhaps there are even some colours you’d like to avoid in your painting!

Whatever your colour preferences are, be sure to list them (in as much detail as you like) in the Colours box in the contact form below once you get there!

4) Text

…here’s the reason we’re all here - to bring your words to life.

Whether you’d like your favourite bible verse painted up to bless your home, or you have a quote that inspires you. If you’re looking for the names of your family to be painted together, or are looking for a funny piece of writing to be kept forever - whatever you need, it can be painted here.

So, pop your words in the Text box in the contact form below, and we’ll get to work!

Now all that’s left to do is fill out the form below. If you don’t have all the answers yet, that’s ok - just put in what you have :)
Once you’ve sent it off, I’ll get back to you via email to chat about your piece.

*Sending this email does not bind you to purchasing a commissioned piece - it begins the process of developing your bespoke watercolour piece. You will not be charged until we have confirmed your commission in future conversations.

Name *
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It's always lovely to hear about your thoughts, and the background of a piece. Here you can share a little bit about your ideas for a bespoke piece. Please include any additional details that are not covered by the sections below - every detail helps to make a more perfect bespoke piece.
Please select your chosen style from the options below (each explained above)
Please select the painting size that you would like. This may be discussed later due to the length of your words and chosen style of painting.
Please list your chosen colours or colour families (or colours to avoid).
Please enter your chosen text/quote or words here. If you've got a few ideas but don't know which too pick I can help - so please include as many as you like.

Thanks for getting in touch about your bespoke watercolour piece!

I’ll reply to your email as soon as I can, and we can talk about the next steps of your painting.

Talk soon!
Anna x