How does it work…


Your one stop shop for all things Hope&Grace watercolour.


Watercolour at Hope&Grace comes in two forms.
Firstly, and most popularly, Bespoke Watercolours.
Secondly, some designs will soon be available as prints…

What’s the Bespoke process?

Our watercolour is text based. You pick your words, and I paint and illustrate them for you… Simple!

So, you’re on the look out for an amazing present for someone you love… OR, you’re after something that will inspire you in the season that you’re in…

What next?

Firstly, contact me! I’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for in terms of your piece. The questions will be something like:

1) Which words/quote would you like painted?
2) Any design ideas you have?
3) Colour… which colours do you LOVE or hate!?

After initially discussing your piece, I will have a think and a draw. Prayerfully I’ll spend time on the concept for your piece and I’ll come up with a drawn draft or sketch for you. We’ll look at the initial sketch together, tweak it where necessary and then we’ll confirm the design.

The whole process can be done via email, with extra chats on the phone/facetime/in person, depending on the size and complexity of your piece.

From first contact to first design is about two weeks. Once your order is confirmed, you can expect your bespoke watercolour to be with you within a month. If you need your piece quicker than this, don’t hesitate to drop me an email and we can talk about timeframes.

It’s a pretty simple, utterly personal and totally tailored process to create you a unique piece of art.


Base prices for Watercolours area ranged by size. I use UK paper sizes as a guide as they are easier for you to get framed.

A5 watercolours begin at £40

A4 watercolours begin at £60

A3 watercolours begin at £80

Prices increase when a piece is fully illustrated. Examples of different styles can be found in the gallery below or on the homepage.

It’s a really fun and easy process, tailor made for you to have a piece of art that you totally LOVE.

Each piece is created carefully and prayerfully, with every hope that it will inspire and encourage you for many years to come.

If you’d like to get in touch about a piece of your own, please use the contact page to email me! It would be great to talk to you.

Anna x