Hope&Grace watercolour


Watercolour started off Hope&Grace, and it now forms the centre of all that Hope&Grace does.

Here you can find the different types of watercolour that we offer - Bespoke Paintings, Hand painted cards, and some prints too!

Find your way to them below:

Bespoke Watercolour Paintings.

The hub and home and centre of all that Hope&Grace does… creating personal, bespoke and unique watercolours just for you.

Some of the types of bespoke paintings are listed below:

Commissioning a watercolour piece couldn’t be easier - if you’re looking for some help with that you can find our ordering guide and watercolour enquiry form HERE.

Sometimes we get to have some fun, and have a special discount on A5 watercolour paintings. These take place periodically on our facebook page, so be sure to like and follow along there to hear of those discount days first!

Hand painted Watercolour Cards.

Another of the most unique watercolour features of Hope&Grace is our love for hand painted, bespoke cards.

These are painted individually, designed uniquely for your needs and can be painted in batches of 10-100+ to cover every and any eventuality.

Whether you’re looking for personalised wedding cards, celebration cards for a group event, or a one off birthday card with that gorgeous bespoke touch, you’ve come to the right place.

To find out more about hand painted watercolour cards, click on the image to the right.

Watercolour prints.

For something a little less bespoke, and a little quicker, our high quality watercolour prints could be just the answer!

Beautifully scanned and art quality printed reproductions of one off watercolour designs painted through the years at Hope&Grace