How does it work…


Your one stop shop for all things Hope&Grace Workshops


Hope and Grace Workshops can take many forms

Wether you are looking for a creative hen doo, birthday party or an evening in good company learning something new… look no further!

What are the workshops?

There are a number of different workshops available from Hope&Grace including…

  • Watercolour Card Making

  • Watercolour for Beginners

  • Watercolour Lettering from Scratch

  • Journal Making

  • Journaling

  • Notebook from Scratch

However, the possibilities are endless…


Some public workshops are scheduled, but I’m always excited to put on workshops for you guys! Workshops can take place wherever you are, either in a coffee shop, church hall, private home or schools!


Workshop prices vary depending on class and setting.

They can range from £25 - £50 per person* depending on materials, complexity, size of the group and length of workshop (some run all day).

Workshops can be for 1 - 20 people depending on complexity. An average size would be around 10 people.

*materials, refreshments and cake always provided.

With each workshop I am to create a safe space for you to slow down from the fast pace of life and explore a new creative skill. These are always fun evenings or days, spent together with lots of laughter and tea!

Each workshop is a truly fun way of getting to know new people, learning a new skill and explore how we can use creativity to bless people and explore our faith and experience of the world.

If you would like to discuss a private, group, or pre booked workshop please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Anna x